Jay's Color Science MOA Targets deliver Optimum Visibility, Precision and Value...

About Jay's Color Science MOA (Minute of Angle) Targets

with an enhanced view of both the Target and the Point of Impact (POI) - while compensating for various lighting conditions. They also offer immediate verification of your progress using the international standard MOA. « How to calculate MOA »

Every target is calibrated for MOA in either yards or meters and delivers multiple Bulls-Eyes in various combinations. There are many variations of mixed size targets for when the user needs to hit paper "in new conditions" allowing the shooter to get "on paper" quickly and then rapidly advance to more challenging targets - once targeting has been verified - without having to change paper. It also allows for easier tracking of groupings for load development because you have more information in one place and need fewer targets.

Having a choice of target variations allows the user to choose those that are best suited for their shooting conditions, level of proficiency and equipment. My combinations allow the enthusiast to choose a system that matches their needs, while at the same time utilizing target space to the fullest extent.

All targets are specifically designed to balance visibility under difficult lighting conditions with optimum visibility of POI... favoring the visibility of the POI slightly to provide positive, discernible feedback. They are a premium balance of utility, versatility and visibility... with a greater number of "targets per sheet" (target density) and readily identifiable hits.

Each order includes a mini MOA chart with fractions on one side and decimals on the other.

Both tables apply to both US and Metric targets.
-All Jay's MOA Targets are calibrated for either Yards or Meters.

Larger targets may be folded or rolled for shipping purposes.

I also offer a full size - laminated MOA table (for easier reading) for use with both US and Metric calibrated targets.

Laminated MOA Chart - US & Metric - (Full-Size / Easy to Read)
Use with all Jay's Color Science MOA "US" & "Metric" calibrated Targets
2 1/2" x 7" - (2 Sided) - Fractions / Decimals

$2.00 USD


With Jay's MOA Targets you will find many available options in your choice of colors. At present there are 174 offerings and more have already been designed and are in queue for posting. Each target has been designed from the ground up and field tested for optimum visibility for its' intended use, and I am expanding my selections regularly. I just designed and posted two new variations in Tabloid Size 11x17 over the holidays.

All targets are my own original concept, proprietary, copyrighted designs.
Copyright © 2012 John Jay Aviles All Rights Reserved

Here's a summary of offerings and options you should consider:

X-Ring Series
Suggested Use
DCY DCYX X-Ring Low Light - Cloudy Days, and Small Objective Lens Scopes 15 ea.
DCP DCPX X-Ring Bright Light - Sunny Days, and Snowscapes 15 ea.
DCR DCRX X-Ring Traditional Red MOA Targets 15 ea.
DCZ DCZX X-Ring Zombie Green MOA Targets 15 ea.
Silhouette -- Challenging 3
Metric Coming Soon Calibrated in Meters 3
DCG DCGX X-Ring Everyday 1 15 ea.
DCC* -n/a- Everyday 2 - *Checkered 15

Send me a query if you have any questions.