Lifeline Reproductions is based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The products and services offered on this website are unique solutions to problems I've encountered over many years across multiple disciplines. I hope that you will find them as useful as I have.

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100% Made In USA - Patents Pending

    Skate Lights for Quad or Inline Roller Skates
    Extra Bright 3 Watt 9v
Skate Lights

American Made Skate Lights

Gives a beautifully striking, unmistakeable glow
Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Cool White and Pink options
Extra-bright, cool running, long lasting 3W led bulbs
No Glare - Indirect Bounce Lighting
Switched battery box
Hand soldered and shrink wrapped leads
Individually tested
Batteries last through multiple skating sessions

Made in USA

Color centers get blown out in photos by bright lights.
They look much better on a rink floor.

Sold in pairs (Sets of 2)
9v Batteries NOT included

Don’t buy the 12v lights being sold!
They drain the battery at max current so
their operating costs are substantial!

Access to fully Illustrated Installation Instructions included.

Skate Lights Closeup

Green Skate Lights

Red Skate Lights

Blue Skate Lights

Yellow Skate Lights

Pink Skate Lights

PinkView2 Skate Lights

Cool White Skate Lights